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Program to make graphs of functions of one variable y = f (x) plus full graphics


New version - fixed Seve to disk, and a description of the charts,
implementation of exponentiation eg x^2

Enter the data for the chart function

   Axis arguments: Give x1=       Give x2=

Enter the number of coordinates on the x-axis is best (x2-x1) or multiples:

The axis of the function:     fit to mock     adjust x to [x1, x2] and y to [Y1, Y2]     align the two scales

Give y1=       Give y2=

Enter the number of coordinates on the y-axis is best (y2-y1) or multiples:

Your rules function - the function arguments must be in brackets, eg: sin (x)

"; else echo ""; $k=1; $ikolor='kolor'.$k; echo ""; $ikolor='kolor'.$k; $kol=$color[$default_kol[$k]]; echo ""; ?>
f1(x): f1(x)=  $kol 
f2(x): f2(x)=
f3(x) : f3(x)=

Accuracy :     coarse       accurate     only graphics